Factory of Metal Structure Our managers and employees with the slogan of speed, quality and obligation are honored to play their role even so small in development of country. Accordingly, the factory of metal structure started it activities since 2005 in a land area of 23000 meter square and with 8500 square meter production hall and seven lines. Now with full ownership of Betonshib and relying on the unique equipment and more importantly, with the support of skilled technical and production personnel, company is ready for the production and installation of metal structures all around the country.

The factory experienced staff have had many successful projects which you can see the list of some of them in the Projects page. The main body of this factory is composed of six parts as follows:

Quality Control

Main tasks of this section is to control the quality of raw material, qualification manpower used in different parts of the production line, quality control of manufactured components from beginning to end and monitoring of other sectors in terms of upholding the principles of quality control management.


A careful reading of drawings, design and planning of production line, designing appropriate fixtures according to the type of work, determining appropriate staffing and managing of this staff are the main tasks of production department.


Research Activities, Design and structural calculations, Drawing control and shop drawing, preparation of state report and project control are main tasks of this department.


Main tasks of this section is to adjust and conclusion of sale contracts.

Logistics and support

Main tasks of this department is to supply raw material required for production, Repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment, to supply the required equipment, Preservation, Warehousing and other services.

Financial and Administrative

The group in relation to personnel and calculation of the cost of projects and benefit from them.

Activities and Services

Metal skeletons factory is to design, manufacture and installation of metal structures. The designed structures by Betonshib Co. are as below:

1 –  High-rise buildings with welded connections and columns with cross-Box.

2 – High-rise buildings with an administrative function with fitting bolts and nut and columns with cross and H sections.

3 – Industrial halls with fitting bolts and plate beam sections.

4 –  Industrial halls with fitting bolts and truss.

5 –  Overhead cranes, gantry and Monorail.

6 –  Special jack for concrete formwork in specific tasks.

7 –  Cell towers and power transmission.

8 –  Water elevated tanks.

Metal structure factory of Betonshib Co. (Former Asemaneh): it’s an equipped factory in land area of 23000 square meter with production capacity of 1000 tons industrial and constructional metal structure monthly in the name of Hossein Malekinia who is 100% owner and shareholder of Betonshib Co. And infrastructure of about 10,000 sqm located in 55 Km of Khavaran road, Jannat Abad Industrial Town. Since 2005 the new factory includes 8,500 square meters of hall (7 line), 250 square meter administrative building, 550 square meters of warehouse and 750 square meters services and welfare building has been constructed.

Equipment images of Metal structure factory